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Brighten Your Home: Transforming a Dark Brick Exterior

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A dark brick exterior can sometimes appear dull and lackluster, but fear not! There are effective ways to brighten the overall look of your black brick house. Whether you choose to enhance the brick itself or incorporate lighter accents, we’ve got you covered with a variety of options to suit your personal taste and home aesthetics.

Painting the Brick

If you’re seeking a dramatic transformation, painting the brick is the most impactful solution. While it may be an extreme measure, it can breathe new life into your dark brick exterior. Opt for neutral paint colors like white or taupe, as they tend to yield the best results. Before proceeding, it’s important to consider any neighborhood or architectural restrictions that may apply, such as those imposed by homeowners associations or designated historic districts. Additionally, if you plan to sell your home in the near future, consulting with a real estate agent can help determine if painted brick will impact its value.

Reviving the Trim

Most brick houses feature non-brick trim elements like gables and window frames. If these areas have been painted in a dark shade that matches the brick, lightening them can significantly brighten the overall appearance. Select a paint color within the same family as your brick, but several shades lighter. White, pale gray, or ivory are excellent choices for achieving a subtle transformation. If your home lacks decorative exterior trim, consider browsing flea markets for architectural salvage that can be added and painted to match the existing trim. Elements like columns, balustrades, vintage corbels, or decorative ironwork can enliven a plain front porch and seamlessly blend with the brick.

Vibrant Doors and Shutters

When lightening the trim isn’t sufficient, a bold and colorful front door can make a remarkable difference. Choose a striking hue to draw the eye away from the dark brick. Similarly, if you have shutters, painting them in a complementary color will add visual interest and detract attention from the predominant brick facade. To enhance the effect, explore architectural salvage shops and flea markets for authentic vintage shutters. For a touch of Key West or New Orleans charm, consider louvered, shutter-style doors as an alternative to a traditional screen door. Opting for stained glass panels or adding a unique vintage door knocker can further elevate the entrance’s appeal.

Landscaping and Plantings

Painting isn’t the only solution to transform a dark brick exterior. Skillfully selected plantings and thoughtful landscaping can breathe fresh life into the overall look of your home. Explore flea markets for garden vendors offering a variety of plants and containers to suit your taste. Flowering plants, such as hanging baskets, bedding plants, and flowering bushes or trees, can have a significant impact. Create a welcoming entrance by flanking your front door with vintage urns or decorative planters. Remember that landscaping isn’t limited to blooms alone. Incorporating lighter green plants and shrubbery, particularly those with gold-green leaves, can add vibrancy and contrast to complement your darker greenery.


Transforming a dark brick exterior into a brighter and more inviting space is an achievable goal. By exploring options such as painting the brick, reviving the trim, experimenting with vibrant doors and shutters, and enhancing your landscaping, you can create a remarkable change. Embrace the opportunity to revitalize your black brick house and make a lasting impression on both visitors and passersby.

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