Kendu Isaacs Net Worth

Kendu Isaacs Net Worth: Revealing the Financial Success of the American Celebrity Manager and Record Producer



In this article, we explore the captivating net worth of Kendu Isaacs, a prominent figure in the entertainment industry as an American celebrity manager and record producer. Born and raised in Manhattan, New York, Kendu Isaacs is widely recognized for being the former husband of Mary J Blige, a celebrated American R&B singer and actor. Currently serving as the president of the ‘K.I. Management’ company, he has also made significant contributions as an executive producer for various films and shows, including ‘Betty and Coretta’ (2013), ‘Tamar & Vince’ (2012), and ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’ (2003).

Kendu Isaacs: Early Life and Background

Kendu Isaacs, born on August 14, 1968, in Manhattan, New York, United States of America, is currently 54 years old as of 2022. As a Leo, he celebrates his birthday on August 14th each year. Standing at a height of 5 feet 8 inches (1.72 meters) and weighing approximately 165 lbs (45 kg), Kendu Isaacs possesses a notable presence.

Kendu Isaacs: Family, Parents, and Siblings

Kendu was born to Barbara and Martin Isaacs in Manhattan. While there is limited public information available about his family, including his siblings, we were unable to gather further details. This section will be updated once additional information becomes available.

Kendu Isaacs: First Wife and Children

Before his marriage to Mary J. Blige, Kendu Isaacs was previously married. In 1999, he tied the knot with a woman named Maurine. However, his career in the entertainment industry allowed him to form connections with stars, some of whom became his girlfriends. In 2000, Isaacs and Blige crossed paths and began dating. Their relationship blossomed, leading them to exchange vows three years later. The wedding ceremony was a private affair held at Blige’s compound, with only 50 guests in attendance. Prior to marrying Blige, Isaacs already had three children from his previous marriage: daughter Brianna Isaacs and sons Nas Isaacs and Jordan Isaacs. However, Blige and Isaacs do not have children together.

Kendu Isaacs: Career

Kendu Isaacs started his career as a music producer and gained recognition as the executive producer of the 2013 drama film ‘Betty and Coretta,’ which starred his former wife, Mary J Blige. Additionally, he made a guest appearance on an episode of the variety comedy talk show ‘Ellen: The Ellen DeGeneres Show’ in February 2007. In January 2001, he worked as a manager at ‘K.I. Management,’ a Berlin-based artist management company. From 2008 to 2016, he also served at ‘Matriarch Entertainment,’ his ex-wife’s company.

Kendu Isaacs: Health Issues

In 2018, Isaacs faced health challenges and was hospitalized due to the stress resulting from his tumultuous divorce from Mary J. Blige. Sources indicate that he experienced physical manifestations of stress and emotional distress, leading to his hospitalization.

Kendu Isaacs Net Worth

As of 2020, Kendu Isaacs has an estimated net worth of $4.5 million dollars. This includes his assets, earnings, and income. His primary source of income stems from his career as a celebrity manager and record producer. Through various revenue streams, Kendu has been able to amass a substantial fortune while maintaining a modest lifestyle.


Kendu Isaacs, the American celebrity manager and record producer, has left an indelible mark on the entertainment industry. With his diverse range of professional endeavors and notable contributions to various films and shows, he has garnered both acclaim and financial success. As he continues his journey, Kendu Isaacs remains a prominent figure within the industry, leaving a lasting legacy.

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