Miguel McKelvey Net Worth

Miguel McKelvey Net Worth: Exploring the Entrepreneur’s Success Story


Miguel McKelvey is an American entrepreneur who has made a name for himself in the business world. Among the numerous entrepreneurs emerging every day, McKelvey has cemented his position with WeWork, an American company that provides shared workspace and other related services for entrepreneurs. Though he is not the co-founder, Miguel played a significant role in the inception and growth of WeWork. This article provides insight into Miguel McKelvey’s net worth and entrepreneurial journey.

WeWork Co-Founder

Miguel McKelvey co-founded WeWork with Adam Neumann in 2010. Before this, they co-founded a startup named GreenDesk, which aimed to provide eco-friendly co-working spaces in Brooklyn, New York. Although GreenDesk was selling well, the two entrepreneurs decided to sell it and launch a new project with the growing demand for shared working spaces.

WeWork’s Growth

The entrepreneurial pair raised billions from investors, such as Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase, Benchmark Capital, and Softbank. WeWork soon became a multi-billion dollar company, providing its services to entrepreneurs in over 100 cities across the globe.

Miguel McKelvey’s role

As the chief creative officer of WeWork, McKelvey played a crucial role in designing and building WeWork’s shared workspaces, ensuring maximum efficiency, productivity, beauty, and sustainability. He was actively involved and had a decisive say in creating an innovative and conducive workspace environment, which became pivotal to WeWork’s success.

The Rise and Fall of WeWork

At its peak, WeWork was valued at over $47 billion, and Adam Neumann’s net worth exceeded $4 billion, while Miguel McKelvey’s net worth significantly increased too. However, WeWork’s IPO failed, and Neumann was forced to step down as CEO due to widespread scrutiny concerning the company’s finances and business model’s sustainability.

Miguel McKelvey’s Net Worth

It is challenging to estimate Miguel McKelvey’s net worth, but according to various sources, as of 2022, McKelvey’s net worth is around $250 million. Even though he is not as wealthy as Neumann, his contribution to WeWork’s success is still significant.


Miguel McKelvey’s entrepreneurial journey is an inspiration to many aspiring entrepreneurs out there. Although WeWork’s IPO may have failed, McKelvey’s contribution cannot be overlooked, and his net worth is reflective of a successful and accomplished businessman. We hope Miguel McKelvey continues to explore new and innovative ideas and concepts in the future, and his contributions enhance economic growth and job creation opportunities.

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