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Phillip Adams Net Worth: The Rise and Fall of an NFL Player


Phillip Adams net worth may have been impressive during his NFL career, but sadly his life came to a tragic end on April 8, 2021, after he committed a mass shooting in Rock Hill, South Carolina. Adams was a former American football cornerback, who played for various teams in the National Football League (NFL). His net worth at the time of his death was estimated to be around $100,000.

Early Life and Football Career

Phillip Adams was born on July 20, 1988, in Rock Hill, South Carolina. He attended Rock Hill High School and was a standout athlete in football, basketball, and track. He was so talented in football that he received a scholarship offer from South Carolina State University. Adams played college football for the South Carolina State Bulldogs from 2006 to 2009, where he became a two-time All-Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference (MEAC) selection.

Adams was drafted in the seventh round of the 2010 NFL Draft by the San Francisco 49ers. He played for the 49ers from 2010 to 2011, where he recorded one interception and 13 tackles in 15 games. Adams then played for several teams in the NFL, including the New England Patriots, Seattle Seahawks, Oakland Raiders, New York Jets, and Atlanta Falcons. He was never a star player, but he had a respectable career, playing a total of 78 games and recording five interceptions and 150 tackles.

Post-Football Life

After retiring from football in 2016, Adams struggled with mental health issues. He reportedly suffered multiple concussions during his football career and had a history of depression and anxiety. Adams was arrested several times for minor offenses, including possession of marijuana and driving without a license.

On April 8, 2021, Adams committed a mass shooting in Rock Hill, South Carolina, where he killed six people, including two children, before taking his own life. The motive for the shooting is still unknown, but some reports suggest that Adams had been seeking medical treatment for mental health issues.


Phillip Adams’ net worth may not have been as impressive as some of his NFL peers, but he had a promising football career ahead of him. Unfortunately, his life took a tragic turn after he retired from football, and he struggled with mental health issues that ultimately led to his untimely death. While Adams’ actions were unforgivable, his story is a tragic reminder of the importance of mental health awareness and the need for better support systems for retired athletes.

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