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Willie Falcon Net Worth: From Drug Kingpin to Entrepreneur


Willie Falcon, also known as Willy Falcon, was once a notorious drug kingpin. But his entrepreneurial spirit and media-facing persona have made him a household name. Born on September 1, 1955, in Cuba, Falcon attended Miami Senior High School with Sal Magluta, who later became his business partner.

Early Years and Drug Dealing

Falcon’s drug career started in high school when he and Magluta began selling small quantities of cocaine and marijuana. They eventually dropped out of school and turned their attention to becoming the largest drug distributors in Columbia. Falcon’s drug business soon expanded across Miami, and he became one of the city’s most notorious drug kingpins.

Although Falcon used his legitimate businesses to cover up his drug dealings, he was eventually caught and arrested in 1979. He served five months behind bars, but it did little to deter him.

Arrest and Imprisonment

In 1991, Falcon was arrested again, this time with Magluta, after a 10-year investigation. He was sentenced to 14 years in prison. However, Falcon wasn’t done fighting back. He spent nearly a decade appealing his case, and in 2002, he was granted a new trial.

But the fight wasn’t over yet. Falcon’s new trial was delayed several times, and he remained behind bars for an additional 15 months before going to trial. Despite his efforts, he was eventually found guilty and sentenced to another 20 years in prison.

Entrepreneurial Ventures and Media Fame

Despite his rocky legal history, Falcon has also made waves in the business world. He co-founded several management companies and dealt in private construction cooperation.

Falcon is also an internet personality and media face. He was featured on the TV series “Cocaine Cowboys” and has been interviewed by major publications such as Vice. He has managed to turn his notoriety into a successful brand, despite his legal troubles.

Falcon’s Net Worth

Falcon’s drug dealing business brought in $2.1 billion in cash, leaving him with a net worth of $100 million at the time. However, his legal troubles have taken a toll on his net worth over the years.

Despite his run-ins with the law, Falcon’s entrepreneurial spirit has kept him in the public eye. From high school drug dealer to notorious kingpin to media personality, Willie Falcon’s net worth is a reflection of his many ventures, legal and otherwise.

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